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To Be Confirmed,

is an ongoing collaboration between Minshin Yano, Korallia Stergides and Raphael Schulenburg who work as an interdisciplinary collective.  Our shared project begann in Cyprus as a laboratory performance that explores the overlaying narratives that emerge when our practices meet. A choreography of re-imagined myths sectioned in a series of tableaux’s express an effort to resolve the disjointed, info-saturated nature of a dinosaurs back brushing the palms of cleopatra’s cat.
Through a snowballing effect of images, we try to subvert subject and object relationship to question our fundamental existence. The images intend to project multiple meanings that alter our perception of ‘a truth’ the further you look at. Seeking to question historicity and its relevance in informing our decisions in daily life through unfamiliarity and strangeness.

Through inverting the performance space, we seek to create a gluey landscape, a heterotopia of fragmented narratives that are informed by each others personal cultural capital . The performance weaves together live actions to create absurd micro narratives and scenography.

The first laboratory work in progress performance was held at Center of performing Arts MITOS in Limasol, Cyprus in May 2018

The work was develop as part of the theYard.Residency.18





Performance Stills:


Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 17.24.46.png
Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 17.22.44.png
DSCF7943 2.JPG
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