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Deep Love Project... 

Bubbles of time...(2019) 

Deep Love is an agent for information who travels through time in an effort to explores the narratives that emerge from remembering.  A choreography of re-imagined myths, archival material from somewhere of the internet, and her past experience express an effort to resolve the disjointed and info-saturated nature of her process to entertain and educate her audience.


Exhibition and performance created by Korallia Stergides in collaboration with Raphael Schulenburg

Commissioned by Well Projects in Margate as part of the 3-Phased exhibition “ I’m in the bath on all fours, towards blue water (my nose is bleeding), I’m an ephemeral bubble of time waiting to be popped.” which took place in June 2019.

Exhibition and Performance Stills:

Ephemeral Bubble_Install_Heather Tait_7.
Ephemeral Bubble_Install_Heather Tait_16
Ephemeral Bubble_Heather Tait_5.JPG
Ephemeral Bubble_Heather Tait_8.JPG
Ephemeral Bubble_Install_Heather Tait_5.
Ephemeral Bubble_Heather Tait_7.JPG
Ephemeral Bubble_Install_Heather Tait_13
Ephemeral Bubble_Install_Heather Tait_19

Hands of Time... (2018) 

The “Hands of Time Tour” gives access to an internationally renowned collection of historically important and contemporary burdened hands. Deep Love is joined by Keith Miller who looks after this extraordinary and unique collection.  


Live performance created and performed by Korallia Stergides & Raphael Schulenburg

First Performed: June 2018 at Arch 4 Hackney in London as part of Low Entertainment curated and produced by Beckie Cove and Alice Woodhouse 

Hands of Time - Deep Love
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Performance Stills:

DSCF8226 copy.JPG
DSCF8203 copy.JPG
DSCF8091 copy.JPG
DSCF8025 copy.JPG
DSCF8055 copy.JPG
DSCF8190 copy.JPG
DSCF7998 copy.JPG
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