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1a Brampton Road,

is an ongoing research as practice project that archives an urban garden in the middle of London.
It aims to explore microcosmic space through the body that remembers and the liminal place between private and public space.





There is a utopian idea of flat surfaces, sunshine reflecting in glass and cool metal.


Underneath that is the reality of replacement, consume and lost.


Underneath that is hard concrete, a snooker club pushed to the back by the green apple food supply.


Underneath that is colourful plastic and the taste of change.


Underneath that is a 6-meter deep layer of human waste, that echoes the sound of guns and the moaning of lost.


Underneath that is the dust of many Victorian brick walls that are washed away by the English rain.


Underneath that is a layer of sand and clay that once brought wealth and a good name.


Underneath that is black wood and the smell of burned flesh.


Underneath that are the skeletons of thousand rats and the white mask to survive.


Underneath that is a terraces of gravel that once covered the bones of the King before he was taken up where one can see the sky.


Underneath that is a roman bath sinking into the dark London clay.


And underneath is layer of sand and chalk and Homo erectus foot trace.


Underneath that is the heavy granite that holds it all.


And underneath there is more and more and I’m looking for the ground.

1a Brampton Road
6 minutes

158 minutes 
Three video monitors (color, sound), three layered floor piece (turf, canvas, clay cullet), wood frame.

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